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  • 1-hour workshop that will address the physical, emotional and energetic elements of the womb space and guide you through healing for your womb on each of those levels
  • A mapping of basic female pelvic anatomy - when you know your body better, you feel more empowered in it. This will help you spot and heal imbalances and tension in the future, too.
  • Research-based practices specifically designed to help you release and experience more physical and emotional EASE in the pelvic area
  • Integration meditation to assimilate the practices and receive all the benefits within body, mind and spirit
  • Specially curated music playlist to soothe your nervous system and take you deeper into the experience

Melt into bliss and relaxation

SOFTEN: Womb Healing Workshop


  • Sink into a luxuriously restorative practice that will leave you feeling renewed, grounded and relaxed?
  • Associate your womb with feelings of nourishment, connection and pleasure?
  • Have information and awareness so that you not only understand you own pelvic area better, but you feel confident to care for it, no matter what may arise?
  • Move through the world feeling radiant and alive within your own body?
  • Have a practice you can go to anytime you want to let go of tension and stress and connect deeply with yourself?

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